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What Is Employers' Liability Insurance?

Employers' liability insurance is an insurance policy that handles claims from workers who have suffered a job-related injury or illness not covered by workers' compensation. A type of liability insurance, it can be packaged with workers' compensation to further protect companies against the costs associated with workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths. However, employers' liability insurance does not cover legal costs from employee lawsuits charging discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination. 

What is your quote turnaround?

We have a state of the art underwriting and policy issuance system. What used to take days and involve many staff members, now takes us an average of a day or less to provide you a quote. On certain larger accounts, or those with specified severe claims, quotes may take up to 3 days.

Request a quote for NonSubscription with EL by completing our Fax-A-Quote and sending it to

What is an ERISA Plan and is it required for nonsubscription?

Every employee benefit is required, under Federal Law, to be provided to covered employees in writing. This written plan is an ERISA Plan, which is provided for your Client. If you have medical or dental insurance provided by your Employer, then you receive a document each year outlining your benefits, deductibles, etc. This is part of an ERISA Plan. Since arbitration is required for an employee to receive benefits, in order to be covered, an employee must acknowledge receipt of the Plan. The Employers responsibility is to make sure all employees receive and acknowledge the Plan.

If an existing non-subscriber Client purchases your product, must our Client roll out a new ERISA Plan to its employees?

No. If the current plan includes mandatory arbitration, there is no need to go through the time and expense of rolling out a new Plan to employees. All the employer need to do is sign and send us certification that he has rolled out his current ERISA Plan, with mandatory arbitration, to all employees.

Is Nonsubscription a substitute for Workers Compensation?

Nonsubscription,  is not a substitute for WC.  An Occupational Injury Benefit Program provides options not generally available within the WC system, such as:

  • WC provides disability benefits of up to 70% (75% for employees making less than $8.50/hour) of the average weekly wage.
  • The current maximum weekly disability limit under WC is $1,006. NonSubscition allows you to choose weekly benefits amounts, varying by carrier, so your client only pays for what they need.
  • WC provides up to 401 weeks of disability benefits for total disabilityNonsubscriptioon allows the employer to choose the benefit period up to a certain maxium, depending on the carrier.
  • Legal liability claims under WC must be filed in the courts. Under WC, legal liability requires a death and gross negligence. For employers not purchasing WC, to have legal liability, an employer’s negligence must be the proximate cause of the injury.