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Life Insurance

We offer our life producers a portfolio of term, whole life, universal life, final expense and guaranteed issue products. 

A complete line of life insurance options


Our portfolio of Life Insurance products and carriers has been chosen to offer you the most competitive rates for your clients! Regardless of health. Whether your client is Super Preferred or Table Rated we have a competitive product.

Products include:
  • 5 Year Term
  • 10 Year Term
  • 15 Year Term
  • 20 Year Term
  • 30 Year Term
  • Term to Age 100 Guaranteed
  • Return of Premium Term
  • Cash Accumulation Products
  • Single Premium Life Plans
  • Simplified Issue
  • Final Expense Products-Less than $25,000 Whole Life Coverage
Here are questions to ask your applicants as they consider life insurance options:
How much money would my family need to maintain a quality lifestyle?
How will my final expenses be paid after my death?
Will there be estate taxes to be settled?
Are there dependents for whom I'd like to provide an education?
If I were to die early, how would my dependents/survivors get by?

How will inflation affect all the above?

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